Frequently Asked Questions

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When was Computatest founded?
Computatest was originally founded in Aberdeen in 1981.
Who developed the Analysis Package?
The package was originally developed by Dave Waddell.
Where can I find more information, request a quote, etc.?
Send an email with the Contact Page
What are the advantages of using this technology?
This is an enabling technology. By providing oil companies with the ability to accurately analyze bottom hole pressure data, at ultra high pressure and temperature, they can justify the investment needed to develop the area. For more information send an email with the Contact Page
Is the mathematical model the same as the original?
No, the gauge is now completely modeled using the parameters from the calibration.
What is new in the mathematical model?
Additional modeling of the gauge adds Hysteresis.
Can I get my original pressure data reinterpreted?
Yes, you can get the pressure data reinterpreted by sending a request with the Contact Page. You will receive a secure link to drop off and pick up your data.
What is the history of the bottom hole pressure bomb?
The Geophysical Research Corp. Amerada GaugeUS Patent 1837222 A is by inventor Fabian M. Kannenstine and assigned to Geophysical Research Corp. Application January 18, 1930.
More details on the history page.